You probably know that for your business one of the most important items in the development strategy is its presentation on the Internet. The Internet is the place where the largest percentage of sales takes place, therefore your site must be representative of each segment and designed to provide a quality user experience.

User experience is actually the main topic of this text. We present to you one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to improve customer support on your site – a chatbot.

What is a chatbot?

It is very possible that you have heard of this marketing term by now, considering that its popularity is growing and that it is mentioned very often when talking about marketing methods. In Serbia, its full potential is still not being used, although the New Look Entertainment agency has enabled everyone to use this tool, as well as many other products. But that means for you that you have the opportunity to be among the best who use it and thus stand out from the competition, and with all that we provide you, Chatbot has become a global trend in the world of digital marketing, the value of which is recognized by more and more people and accordingly includes it into your digital marketing strategy. But, even if you are not familiar with this term, we will introduce you to its meaning, purpose and how this marketing method can indirectly improve your business.

It represents a type of computer program, that is, a software application, which serves to automate customer support on your site. In what way? By representing the first line of communication with users. Designed to respond to users according to pre-programmed keywords and offer them help in the form of consultation regarding the products/services you offer on the site or on the Facebook social network. This tool is therefore the first line of communication between you and your potential customer.

How can a chatbot improve your business?

At the beginning of the text, we mentioned that it is extremely important for your business to pay attention to each segment on the site. It refers to complete optimization that includes relevant content and functionality of the site itself. When a user visits your site, you have only one goal – to convert him into a customer, and you will only achieve this if your site provides him with a good user experience.

The role of a chatbot on your site is exactly that – to give your site visitor the answers they are interested in without waiting for a response via email or call. He is actually your virtual assistant who will lead communication with the customer and provide him with answers to questions quickly and efficiently. When visiting your site, a chat window appears with the question “How can I help you?”, the user writes his question and further communication takes place that way. This type of interaction with the visitor of your site provides a good user experience, because the user is satisfied that he was able to get answers to his questions without excessive waiting, and that immediately after arriving on the site. In this way, you increase the chances that he will not only be a visitor, but also a buyer of your product/service, because the user’s satisfaction with what he gets on your site is directly proportional to his desire to cooperate with you and make a purchase of what you offer on the site. For this reason, it is a very useful marketing tool that will contribute to the development of your business as an improved customer support system.

The most cost-effective solution for improving customer support

Chatbot is programmed so that your virtual assistant works around the clock, without restrictions. At any time, the user has the option to ask a question and receive an adequate answer immediately. We talked about the fact that this kind of system is very important because it directly contributes to user satisfaction with the site’s up-to-dateness and the speed of getting answers, and only a satisfied user can become your customer/client.

Therefore, this tool greatly contributes to your branding on the Internet, giving the user support in the form of consultations that are available 24/7, without restrictions. As such, a chatbot is the most cost-effective customer service solution since it replaces the human factor. Just imagine how much it would cost to have to pay employees to work three shifts to achieve what this software application achieves. Its absolute advantage is that it gives flawless answers to the questions, so that it is imperceptible that the system is actually answering, and not a real person. Chatbot saves you resources, money and time, and provides 24/7/365 support for your site visitors and represents you, the person behind the business, in the best way – credible, responsive to the user and very professional.