You probably remember that feeling when you write a bunch of homework or bands with the theme, “My first day at school” or “The smell of autumn at the end”. If you were an excellent student, everything went smoothly, the introduction, elaboration, conclusion and with a little effort, the fifth is here. If you still decide to try writing when you are an adult and think it’s something easy and simple, you’re pretty much wrong and let’s say you have to work hard and spend many days and nights in creative writing to eventually create some interesting content that people will want to read.

How to start writing?

You can freely forget everything you knew about writing at school, except grammar, and start over. To write, you need a strong desire, perseverance and to write again and again. A few rules for quality writing. The first is to be exclusively your own, at a cost and to sound awful. Another tip is to keep the sentences simple and understandable. Today in the 21st century it is easier for you because many good courses on how to write are available online. You just need to want to master everything and write even when you literally don’t want to. The bonus is if you like to read, so your vocabulary is already developed and you have a wide range of words at your disposal. You already have to say the advantage in the beggining. Now it’s up to you to be persistent and try to practice your style as much as possible.

Your personal teacher

In addition to online courses, you can find one-on-one tutors. Someone who will sharpen your style and who will give you practical advice. Of course, it is very important to forget about vanity, because you will surely make a lot of mistakes and your teacher, if he wants to be great, will correct and criticize you a lot. All of course with the desire to make you the best possible writer. If this is what you think you will need in your future vocation and work, and today in the digital world, word and creativity are very important, you better start practicing in time. No one was born a scientist, not even you, and it is certain that your first texts, unless you have a hidden gift like Chekhov or Hemingway, will have to be reworked, refined or, as they would say in the marketing world, checked and edited. However, if you want, this is one of the most beautiful and inspiring jobs, and it is up to you to learn and progress in order to become a professional over time. So instead of being not sure how to use your free time, include a free course and start honing your style and building your personal stamp. Maybe in a few years you will edit a famous magazine, write interesting columns or be the most witty and creative copywriter. It is up to you to choose your style and see what suits you and what it is that will attract people around you to read you and make their word the guide of your life.